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SEEA Youngstars 2020 Winners

SEEA 2020 Winners

NEA 2019 Winners

SEEA Dancestars 2019 Winners

SEEA Youngstars 2019 Winners

SEEA 2019 Winners

SEEA Dancestars 2018 Winners

SEEA Youngstars 2018 Winners

South East Entertainment Awards 2018 Winners

SEEA Youngstars 2017 Winners

SEEA 2017

Best Male Solo - Johnny Mack

Best Female Solo - Ami Harman

Best Group/Band - Sweet Chix

Best Young Breakthrough Act - Daisy Benson

Best Dance Act - Star Wars (Fusion Performers)

Best Original Artist - Robyn Regan

Professional Artist Recognition - Jordan Gray

Amateur Artist Recognition - Diamond

Vocal Best Unique Act - Daniel Hardy Wallace

Best Solo Dancer - Amber Cook

SEEA Choice - HSD

Outstanding Achievement Award - Laura Burrows (Fusion)

People's Choice Award - Jess Folley

Special Recognition Award - Funky Voices

Best Dance/Performing Arts School - Mandy Ellen Performing Arts

SEEA 2016

Best Male Solo - Kristian Thomas Turner

Best Female Solo - Danielle Fairchild

Best Group - The Enlights

Best Dance Act - Tiptoe Stage School

Best Unique Act - Cream

Best Original Artist - Hannah Paris

Best Live Act - Tall Dark Friend

Best Young Breakthrough - Katy Forkings

People's Choice Award - Funky Voices

SEEA Choice Award - Charley Monroe

Professional Artist Recognition Award - Destiny Michelle

Best Dance/Performing Arts School - Fusion Performers

Outstanding Achievement Award - Jordan Gray

Volunteers Within Entertainment Award - The Brookside Theatre

Special Recognition Award - Havering Mind

SEEA 2015

Best Male Solo - Kieran Eldridge

Best Female Solo - Danielle Fairchild

Best Group/Band - Sweet Chix

Best Live Act - Kieran Eldridge

Best Dance Act - HSD

Best Young Breakthrough - Ailesha Austen

Best Unique Act - Tall Dark Friend

Best Original Artist - JSMV

Best Dance/Performing Arts School - Fusion Performers

Special Recognition Award - Ben K Wallis

SEEA 2014

Best Male Solo - Nick Dorsett

Best Female Solo - Kerrie Masters

Best Group/Band - GTF

National Television Achievement Award - Luciee Closier

Best Original Song - Tall Dark Friend (More than mates/You and me)

Best Original Artist - Tall Dark Friend

Factor Essex Achievement Award - Natasha Corrigan

Best Dance/Performing Arts School - Aspire

Best Radio DJ - Dan & Sam Show (CCR)

Special Recognition Award - Natalie Emery

SEEA 2013

Best Male Solo - Jay Harvey

Best Female Solo - Lizzie Jo Reynolds

Best Group - Lifted

Best Unique Act - Inspire

Best Young Breakthrough - Sweet Chix

Best Live Performance - Amy Connelly

Best Dance Act - Inspire

Best Dance Group - Aspire Starlets

Best Dance/Performing Arts School - ISPA

Special Recognition Award - Clair Hartley

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