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Check out all of our previous award winners below!



Best Female Artist - Kaleigh Noakes

Best Original Artist - Rhiannon Parsons

Best Tribute Artist - Pauline Kaytanua Wood as Tina Turner

Best Breakthrough Artist - Lacey LB

WREA Vocal Choice - Rob John Crowley

WREA Dance Choice - Ruby-May Molino

Best Solo Dancer U14 - Eira Eales

Best Dance School - Prospect Dance



Best Male Artist - Frasier Banks

Best Female Artist - Demi Leigh

Best Breakthrough Artist - Charley Jones

Best Solo Dancer U14 - Eloise Wilks

Best Solo Dancer 14-18Yrs - Leila Prydderch

Special Recognition - LRS Vocal and Performing Arts Academy

Best Dance/Performing Arts School - La Performance Academy Wales

Runners Up

Best Breakthrough Artist - Maisy Thornhill

Best Solo Dancer 14-18Yrs - Mia Grace Griffiths

SEEA 2023

Best Male Artist - Eden Jones

Best Female Artist - Ella Botton

Best Young Breakthrough - Shannon D'Arcy

Best Tribute Artist - Stacey Lee Cuddy as Adele

Best Original Artist - Faith-louise Garner

SEEA Choice - Billie Restarick

Best Solo Dancer U14 - Elsie Thompson

Best Solo Dancer 14-18yrs - Millie Whipps

Special Recognition Award - Jacquii Cann

Best Dance/Performing Arts School - Bramu Dance

NEA 2022


Best Male Artist - Joe Palmer 
Best Female Artist - Bethan Marshall 
Best Group/Band - The Wolcott Band
Best Young Breakthrough - Georgie Mills 
Best Tribute Artist - Wrong Jovi 
Best Original Artist - He Knows She Knows
NEA Choice - Spicer Dance Company
Best Solo Dancer - Maisy Yarnold 
Special Recognition - Chelsey Bamford/Take Note Choir
Best Dance School 5th Place - Abstract Dance & Performing Arts
Best Dance School 4th Place - Complete Dance Studios
Best Dance School 3rd Place - The School For Stars
Best Dance School 2nd Place - Sparkles School of Dance 
Best Dance/Performing Arts School - Mandy Ellen Performing Arts



Community Impact  - Aces Performance Academy

Outstanding Performance - Complete Dance Studios

Best Dance School - Complete Dance Studios

Best Solo Dancer (Under 10) - Emelia Beenland

Outstanding Choreography - HSD

Best Live Performance - HSD

Dancestars Champion - HSD

Best Solo Dancer (Under 14) - Jasmine Hion

Best Solo Dancer (Under 16) - Olivia Rose Dudley 

Dancestars Choice - Phoebe Andreetti

Special Recognition - Suzanne Hewitt 

Best Solo Dancer (Over 16) - Tilly Johnson

Best Emerging Choreographer - Zoe Atkinson

NREA 2022


Best Young Artist - Georgie Mills

Best Male Artist - Kelvin J Wood

Best Original Artist - He Knows She Knows

Best Solo Dancer (14 - 18) - Maisy Yarnold

Best Solo Dancer (Under 14) - Mischa Palor

Best Group - The Wolcott Band

Special Recognition - Tilly Lockey

Best Tribute Artist - Wrong Jovi

The NREA Choice - Wiktoria Slesik

Best Female Artist - Rheo Uno

Best Solo Dancer (Under 14) - Sienna Wilson

Best Dance School - Spotlight Stage School



Best Solo Vocalist (14-18) - Andreea Viliman

Best Solo Dancer (under 14) - Eadie North

Best Solo Dancer (14-18) - Evie Steiger

Best Original Artist - Faith Louise

Best Young Breakthrough - Heidi Wilbourn

Dedication To Vocals - Jessica Dean

Presenters Choice - Julie Bruce Academy

Best Solo Vocalist (Over 18) - Megan Jones

Best Solo Vocalist (Under 14) - Nevaeh 

Dedication To Dance - Olive Mac Mahon

Best Dance School - Spicer Dance Company 

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